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Osho: "The Essence Is At Ease"

"The essence is at ease.⁣

The essence is at ease."⁣

~ Osho⁣


There is no separate entity.⁣

Not even heaven and earth.⁣

As above⁣

So below. ⁣

In Tea we find heaven.⁣

In Tea we find Earth.⁣

Tea Spirit is inherently human⁣

For She stills the mind⁣

Nourishes the body⁣

Uplifts the spirit⁣

Opens up hearts -⁣

And through our allowing⁣

For our selves to step into this sacred alliance⁣

We can begin to see that nothing is ever separate. ⁣

With Her guidance⁣

We can truly hear our Spirit Guides when They speak;⁣

We can re-member our astral bodies;⁣

We can become One with our souls⁣

With Mother Gaia⁣

With each other.⁣

Zen is in living every moment with no expectations. ⁣

Zen is in observing every thought without judgement.⁣

Zen is Tea ⁣

And Tea is Zen.⁣


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