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New Moon and Solar Eclipse Energetics

"You will never have the same experience. If you do... you are holding onto the past." ~ Kim Eng⁣


Streamlining under the new moon and solar eclipse in Sagittarius, I ask you, precious beings, to continue to live from your heart and do not feel disheartened if you are currently moving through the Tower passage in the cosmic wheel. In Tarot, this is a true passage of growth and lit beginnings. It takes courage, but that leap out of the tower caught in raucous flames will lead you to the stars. Trust. Trust the Universe to deliver, to surprise, to always have our back.⁣

🍃🕊 In the Golden Age, live by this adage to come back to your authentic self: ⁣

🌟 What would a light-being do?⁣ 🌟


I let go of the how.⁣

I believe in the what. ⁣

I move in faith and allow myself to surrender to the moment, all the perfectly imperfect moments.⁣

I find forgiveness.⁣

I choose to meet love⁣

I choose to meet peace. ⁣


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