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Never Again

That time when I only had one person show up at my Sacred Circles for Disordered Eating Recovery...⁣

I knew had taught me that sometimes the best intentions can land on one person and that is more than enough.⁣

That year when only one friend showed up at my birthday "party"...

there was never really a party. I totally made it up in my own head for my own birthday, and ended up inviting one friend over in all my excitement. My poor parents had to rush out and buy a cake and pretend there was one. Deep cutting memory to the core this one...⁣

I feel the importance of speaking about this because I know if I hadn't heard the stories of the brave ones who have gone before me with things that had not worked out as planned, I would have given up long ago, thinking there was something wrong with me.⁣

So, thank you to the ones who pulled the curtains aside to show us the 100 times they failed before that one success.⁣

The 24 events which had no-show before the one that brought in 50 sign-ups.⁣

The ones who showed up authentically to talk about the hardest parts about eating disorder recovery so that I don't feel alone in this experience.⁣

I don't ever want to give my self-worth over to a number ever again.⁣

Not the number on the weighing scale.⁣

Not the number of Instagram followers I have.⁣

Not the number of Facebook friends I have.⁣

Not the number of clients I have.⁣

Not the number of Zoom attendees in my events.⁣

Not even the number of shoes, earrings and coats I have in my closet. 😜⁣

Because I am worth way more than just a number.⁣

💗 I am priceless. ⁣

💗💗 Because you are priceless.⁣

🧜‍♀️ You are worthy already.⁣

There are going to be moments when things don't work out as we planned and thought would go -

my mission here is to show you how you can never ever feel worthless again.⁣

🌟 You are not alone.⁣ 🌟

🧝🏻‍♀️ I invite you to...⁣

🎐 Be spacious rather than righteous.⁣

💙 To be aware of the way you judge and critique yourself, and commit to lessening it day by day, when you cannot be completely non-judgmental and compassionate with yourself. ⁣

🌊 To hold space for your fear and shame of showing up whole.⁣


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