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Morning Tea & Meditation Starts The Day Right

Morning light sharpens⁣

Dawn comes into focus.⁣

Unconscious mind surfaces⁣

Like the mermaid out of water⁣


To meet consciousness ⁣

Imbued with hope. ⁣

Hold that noble silence⁣

As you hear the temple bells toll⁣

And watch the mountain mist part.⁣

Taste sweet surrender⁣

To the sounds of rain falling on trees.⁣

Of the stars, moon and sun that have shone their lights on these leaves

That illuminate the Way unfurling before us.⁣


I recently learnt of plant dieta and am fascinated by the definition: a dieta is a relationship that brings enter into with a plant spirit. Like a soul contract, it is a contract made to provide insights into our lives and higher consciousness through communion with the plant spirit. I absolutely love the idea of cultivating this same sort of relationship with Tea. Through ceremony we can alchemise Tea in shamanic ways, and see our most sacred divine expression as Tea gently turns us inwards and open up our hearts. ⁣

On Monday mornings, I am so honoured to hold space for beautiful Tea ceremonies that allow us to hold our reverent silence reminiscent of Zen monks' rituals until we come to the sit with Tea leaves in Her simplest form. 🌿🕊⁣

♧ 8.30am BST, registration is through the link in my bio, for the early risers ⁣

♤ 10.30am BST, registration through @calmoncanningstreet. ⁣

See you in the virtual space of Zoom.

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