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Morning Meditation With Tea

Unlearning and learning every day while sitting with the entire Universe within a bowl. ⁣


When we surrender the impulse to do and stay present to the moment and just be, we can begin to carve out the future self we desire to be now. To discover how with Cha Dao ·The Way of Tea·, and how Tea can harness your beginner's mind and remembrance of the soul through simple leaves in a bowl and hot water, join me for a beautiful Morning Virtual Tea Ceremony that I am hosting weekly this month.⁣

🍃 Mondays at 1030am BST (that's 5.30pm MYT, a lovely sunset Tea sit for those on this side of the hemisphere!). ⁣

🌿 Thursdays at 0730am BST (lovely people 7 hours ahead, it will be 2.30pm MYT for you 🧡).⁣

Link in the tabs above to register 🕊🙏🏻🤗

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