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Me And My Ancestors

17 August ⁣

It was pouring rain on the drive to the crematorium. ⁣

It was quite the homecoming.⁣

My mother in the passenger's seat, worried that this rain meant I was being punished.⁣

A version of the story that did not ring true for my body.⁣

Holding each other's arms⁣

Under the umbrella that sheltered us from the downpour⁣

We walked into the temple to light incense ⁣

In honour of Gods and ancestors ⁣

My grandparents and great-grandparents⁣

I felt their presence ⁣

"She is finally here."⁣

Standing before their stones⁣

I felt a softening⁣

The rain came to a slow⁣

In front of my grandfather, ⁣

A lump in my throat ⁣

As I held down tears.⁣

I felt him cheering me on.⁣

I felt him say yes, you are here.⁣

How long have you felt unworthy, dear child?⁣

Every ancestors who came before me⁣

They have dreamt big dreams⁣

That got me here today.⁣

In front of my grandmother ⁣

A matriarchal presence in the liminal space.⁣

And it was all here⁣

Dancing, whispering,⁣

You can... ⁣

You can...⁣

You can...⁣

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