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Manifestation And Shifting Into A New Parallel Reality

I have written novels that are not in conventional 3D world-sense, seen or read (not published). . I have had a literary agent who said she loved one of them and had championed it for a few years. . I have had the same literary agent apologising for not being able to sell its rights, and for deciding that she had to cut ties with me. . I have had relationships that I had thought were for life and then ties were cut. . I have had dreams of being this and doing that. Specific dreams, specific goals. . Through all these I had cried. I had wailed and sworn injustice. I had asked for thousands of sleepless nights, why. . I didn't know how much the universe loves me. I didn't know how to turn to trust and practise letting go of control. . I have trusted and opened my heart up to wounding twin flames and vagabond friendships. And then finally, I felt like I was done with life. . Done with trying to try. Done with trying so hard. Done with doubting my power. . And that was when I was shown the light. . I have a loving soulmate in my life, and I am living beyond my dreams in peace, in light, in aureoles of light that I could manifest out of my meditation. I have beautiful souls of light who dance across my plain fields and the knowledge that I can connect with them through these digital waves and in person with others, salves my heart so much. . I am a work in progress. I am the universe. I am the spirit in search of the flow of the universe, the Dao. And in the starlight that courses through every fibre of my being I am writing my story, rewriting failures into new beginnings, traumas into inspiration. . Heart, remain open. Tea, I searched for you and you found me. I am forever grateful for your anchoring energy through these times of change. These ever changing times. 🍃💫

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