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Mandala Of Love

Hello precious beings, ⁣

I am just coming on here to let you know that ※MANDALA※ is now open for its first ever intake. ⁣


※MANDALA※ is created with intentions to serve five beautiful beings each round of intake with private bespoke attention. ⁣

〰️ monthly private one-to-one Tea Ceremonies⁣

〰️ experience a blend of bespoke service of astrology, chakra and crystal healing, and of course, primarily, the guiding principles of Cha Dao ⁣

〰️ access to all events hosted on When Still Waters Speak ⁣

〰️ four seasonal elemental Tea and sacred space creation kits to immerse in the poetics of Cha Dao and come into harmony with Nature, self and the people around us⁣

I would love to have you if you feel called to have me be your keeper and guide you to the flow of the Dao. ⁣

🕊 link in my bio to get started with a discovery call with me.

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