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Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricorn Tomorrow

This is an intense time full of astrological transits that are pulling up floorboards to reveal the rot beneath (metaphorically or even physically speaking!), a time when a ritual to which you can return to ground yourself is ever more vital - self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity, as @leeharrisenergy says in his July energy update. Couldn't agree more. Stay here. Stay with your healing practices, stay with what feels good for you. Meditation in your own sacred space (a.k.a your home) for so many people right now is vital because you are emanating vibrational frequencies that can change the aura of a space entirely. This is the kind of uplifting sensation you get when you walk into temples or spas. You can absolutely cultivate that same ambience in your own home, and I love how my virtual Tea Ceremonies can contribute to that creation right in your own home! ⁣


I myself have found navigating this time truly expansive. My heart continues to open and my soul is so full, and I attribute it to my soul family at @pause_place and my Tea practice for keeping me in the arms of love. Love and compassion is so much in need right now, there is no time like now to stand up for our authentic selves and beliefs rooted in love and higher consciousness. After all, as @Eckharttolle loves to say, we are ripples in an ocean, and when you see that you know through our differences we are all of one Oneness. ⁣

I am holding space for any emotions that may arise in this full moon in Capricorn and eclipse season through returning to Dao (also known as the course of the Universe) this Sunday at 1pm BST, and I would love you to join me in this impartial, non-duality, non-judgemental space to just be present and share Tea wisdom with full hearts. Click here to RSVP.

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