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Lion's Gateway Activation: How To Make The Best Of This Cosmic Alignment of Energies

⚛ L I O N ' S · G A T E ⚛⁣

The Lion's Gateway is open when Earth is in alignment with Sirius, the constellation system with which many starseeds identify (Starseeds by definition are those who come from the constellations with a soul contract to raise the Earth's vibrations. And yes, we are all starseeds! However, we have free will to remember or not). ⁣

Running deep within the earth are crystalline grids, light grids, and the Diamond Light Matrix that connect us with Inner Earth, where beings of other star systems connect to our astral bodies on a higher dimension. At junctions where light touch are portals that are doorways to Light Cities beyond this 3D reality in which our physical bodies live.⁣


Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) is a way of life that, through meditation with Tea, can teach us to let go and surrender to the flow of the Universe, to notice the minutae and gently melt away our hardened hearts to reveal our true authentic self. Taoist sages and Zen monks have sat with Tea many centuries ago to turn their gazes inward, and metaphorically travel to the depths of the windswept mountaintop for serenity and enlightenment. A life devoted to Cha Dao will allow you to feel that sense of tranquillity seep into your everyday life. ⁣


We are ready to integrate and work with our astral bodies beyond this physical realm, understanding the power of I Am: that we are not in the Universe; we ARE the Universe. The Lion's Gateway's opening is when all energies from heaven and Inner Earth connect and interact. Veils are thin in this time, so please take care to be consciously aware what energies are yours and what are picked up from someone else. ⁣

When you look darkness in the face with compassion and heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love, you are diffusing light selflessly, fully aware that you are abundance. You are love. You are subliminal. Remember your ancestry. Remember your starlit qualities. ⁣

We will be using crystals in this ceremony to connect with the astral level. See you in the virtual space, superstar. 🌟

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