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Learning To Be In Our Hearts, Not In Our Minds

There is something about travelling alone that I love.⁣

The unknown events that are to unfurl before me as I traipse along;⁣

To see how this journey can expand my heart and soul.⁣

This journey back to my homeland has felt heavy. ⁣

This homeland that I have always sought to escape.⁣

This homeland that I have never felt I belong.⁣

Edinburgh was a soul space that I took to like fish in the water;⁣

The veils so thin I can call in my spirit guides so effortlessly. ⁣

Connection with Nature brings us back to the centre of our hearts.⁣

I see now how that could be taken for granted so easily;⁣

The way we can take ease for granted until we are thrown a curveball.⁣

My body was wracking with tears⁣

My heart wrenching at the silence meeting me upon my arrival.⁣

Rain is falling ⁣

The kind of afternoon storm that my homeland is used to seeing every day. ⁣

The divine Tea Spirit whispers through these New bowls, this new pot.⁣

Gratitude seeps into my cells⁣

Nothing is ever lost when we turn our thoughts off and return to feeling into this heart⁣

This soul that is not lost.⁣

Though the heart may cry silent tears⁣

Nothing is ever lost⁣

Not even in the absence of physical love.⁣

When I live with Spirit⁣

When 神 · Spirit · is in my heart⁣

I know I am not my thoughts.⁣

The heart always knows⁣

What is needed to save our souls.⁣

When Cha is drank with Dao⁣

We become a part of a vast knowing⁣

A deep connection with the Universe ⁣

So that no matter where we are in this world ⁣

We stay still; we stay in touch with Source ⁣

We can receive in humility and reverence.⁣

We are never lost when we listen to still waters speak...⁣


Ever so grateful for Cha Dao, a daily practice that lands me softly whenever I feel like I am billowing around in the winds of change. I am almost all set up in my temporary new space, and would love to see your lovely faces again as I live in isolation in this extraordinary time. Join me this Sunday at 10.30am BST to Expand Your Awareness. Developing your receptivity to the Dao is a beautiful soul practice to navigating life's manifold ways in the flow of the Universe. Link to register is here. 🌊🧡

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