Is This You?

Queen 👑, hear my call. ⁣

If you are a divine being who...⁣

🥀 Knows deep down that there is so · much · more to this - the calorie counting, the fear of food, the weight-watching, chronic dieting...⁣

🥀 Wants to be able to rest peacefully within your body and it nourish deeply ⁣

🥀 Wants to get in touch with their body-mind-spirit sacred and sovereign frequency.⁣

You hear my call if you are...⁣

💎 fully committed to finding their true voice, to stand fully in their glory by healing their relationship with their body first.⁣

⚡ And by doing so, they heal the world by loving every being and most of all, their own radiant self, as well as difficult situations into opportunities, by seeing perfection in imperfections. ⁣

You want to...⁣

💙 live and love fully and fearlessly ⁣

💙 Know how to be guided intuitively, never for another single millisecond giving your power over again to another app/scale/person/AI/authority because YOU KNOW. ⁣

This is a woman who... ⁣