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Instagram Live Series Kickoff: Tea Ceremonies Online

路 Water, the element of #change 馃寠 We heed the call for change, inspired by the fluidity of water. I will be working alongside various fitness instructors and wellness gurus with @healthyhkg in an upcoming #instagramlive series to bring stillness into your day. First off, we will be soaking in the New Moon in Aries on Monday for our first meditation across the waves at 8pm HKT/12pm GMT. For the upcoming weeks we intend to offer this free service every Monday and Wednesday at the same time. More to update as we go along. 馃尶 There will be more online ceremonies for my GMT based friends in the evening to come. I am here to serve and am always here for you, so please reach out if you too would like to share tea with me in the digital realm. All you need is your presence, and maybe a nice mug or bowl of tea. For my fellow #chajin, it would be my honour to sit with you and serve and be served. Until we can share tea in person again, we can still distil the powerful nature of honouring Tea in reverent silence together. We stand as a community. 馃尶 PS: there might just be a surprise guest coming on Live with me. Stay tuned 馃挍

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