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If You Knew

If you knew exactly where these Leaves came from⁣

Would that change how you feel about Them?⁣

Would that change the way you feel while serving Them?⁣

If you knew my past and future ⁣

Would that change how you treat me?⁣

Memory is tenuous⁣

It slips and slides beyond our grasps ⁣

Stories can be written and rewritten⁣

But we can never truly paint the entire picture of what took place in the Tea space.⁣

The mothers who were hidden away by historical archives⁣

The voices disregarded for the sake of grandeur⁣

I never want to feel like I have arrived.⁣

The true Tea masters are the ones who have had their hands kneading leaves all day long⁣

The slender fingers that bend the stems and pull the essence back into matter.⁣

I am only a vessel⁣

So pour me out and empty my heart ⁣

I want to be filled up again by the unknown ⁣

Walk into The emerald city of forgotten times⁣

Fling scrolls of light into the sky⁣

And open myself up to the infinite cascade of cosmic intelligence ⁣

Spirit and matter melding together⁣

Incineration in the chamber of my heart⁣

Let me live with wild abandonment⁣

As the Universe is my witness⁣

Let these tears of rage and sorrow fall into the earth⁣

As these crashing waves on the rocks bear witness⁣

Let this heart break open and cry for the darkness it must traverse to reach out ⁣

Out to feel ⁣

Out to heal⁣

Out to remember⁣

Stretching to grow⁣


And ⁣

Anchor. ⁣

Anchor it all in. ⁣



Remembering that⁣

I am Spirit⁣

I am human⁣

I am not separate.⁣

I am all. ⁣

And I am oneness⁣

Whole and complete⁣

Empty and full ⁣

All at once. ⁣



I invite you leave behind the world of dust, drop your armour and raised swords, and come into my Tea space, and back in the post-full moon glow. ⁣⁣⁣



2 - 4pm BST Calm on Canning Street


Get your early bird ticket now and full info through 🔗 in bio. Only 8 spots are available, my loves, and prices will go back to full RRP on July 18.⁣⁣⁣


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