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If you have been feeling scared about investing

If you have been feeling scared about investing in your well-being, but you just can't shake off the knowing this can change your life, read on.⁣

There was a time in my life that I have been paralysed.⁣

Paralysed by the million of scenarios I could think of that run through my head before I even took any action.⁣

In the end, quite often, nothing ever ended up happening because my paralysis by thought triumphed.⁣

I have definitely had many moments when I had a moment of fear stand in the way of my dreams and truth.⁣

The time when I had yo-yoed back and forth in semi-recovery in eating disorders, so lost in wanting to be the "old skinny me" versus well again.⁣

The time when I wanted so deeply to learn about Cha Dao and yet felt so scared that I was not good enough for this. Even the investment at the time was huge for me.⁣

The times when I had come to a set point and then felt a desire to uplevel pulsate through me - a part of me feared and wailed, "Oh no not again."; another part of me just knows this is going to be brilliant for my soul.⁣

And I broke the cycle and set myself free by doing EXACTLY the thing that I feared THE MOST.⁣

Fear, after all, is courage in the making.⁣

Courage to me at that point was not getting clear on this thing by putting a name or label on it and intellectually churning it through.⁣

Courage was taking any action that overrules the fear and expands your nervous system to hold this bigger context.⁣

Emotional mastery is at the heart of my work. I guide my clients in Priestess of Tea and my high-level mentorship container Siren Goddess through marrying my psychic insights, The Way of Tea, ancestral wisdom of Daoist healing, and modern bioenergetic integrative work.⁣

Emotional mastery does not mean you are never going to feel anything at all. ⁣

Emotional mastery, quite like Zen, is all about feeling. Being. Allowing the flow and still living in the flow.⁣

Emotions, when left to flounder, simply go amiss. In the unaware states of consciousness, emotions are simply shut down or numbed away by thousands of distractions available to us.⁣

This is what the mind does when left to its own devices because it is designed to keep you alive. ⁣

To live a life where I lead with love and on purpose with authentic power, emotional mastery as I swim in the great mystery of life is non-negotiable. ⁣

Are you ready to remember how sacred you are? ⁣

DM me now or go to the link in my bio. 👉🏻⁣

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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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