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Ichi Go Ichie ~ One Chance, One Encounter

· 一期一會 · One chance, one encounter. Every encounter is predestined, what we call fate · 緣份 · ⁣


Another gem from Master Lin. He serves them up when we have Tea together,  often preceded by a contented silence, punctuated with memorable words and teachings. Every time we meet is like the first and last time we shall sit together like this.⁣



My soul feels so ready to expand. There is no room anymore for comparison, for chasing indifferent hearts, for achieving egocentric perfections. ⁣

I am giving it over to the One. I am only a vessel for creativity, for serving the highest good. I am at peace with being no-one, formless as air, shapeless as water. ⁣

I am not an expert. I am only in service to all who feel called to walk the Way. For you to discover, for me to love you, unconditionally. ⁣


🕊〰️ JOURNEY ON CHA DAO ° POETRY, PRESENCE AND CONNECTION CIRCLE 〰️ doors are now open · a seven-week journey that takes place in the virtual space so you can be in any part of the world and still join in on this beautiful journey ⁣inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · ⁣⁣⁣


🍃 DM me to get an early bird code by October 13. Registration closes October 26. Begins November 3. Link in bio to read all about the Circle.  ⁣⁣ ⁣


➰ not ready for a full journey? book in for a private Tea Ceremony for a discovery experience, or join me on one of my virtual Tea Ceremonies. Links are also in my bio.⁣

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