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Ichi Go Ichie: In The Spirit Of One Chance, One Encounter

When I hold space⁣

I allow Tea Spirit to use me⁣

It is not for me to say how⁣

But I certainly won't shy away from talking about its mysticism ⁣

And the magic She holds. ⁣

I talk about miracles -⁣

How that it is a miracle that we have met⁣

In this vast sea of human beings⁣

We are here⁣

Sharing Tea ⁣

Pausing to breathe⁣

Pausing to observe⁣

Pausing to drink Tea⁣

To simply be.⁣

This invitation into the vast unknown⁣

Is one I extend with my heart⁣

This vast unknown where all our souls who meet in this space come together and feel immense love and joy.⁣

But my heart also grows heavy with the knowing feeling that this is the first and last time⁣

And I will never know when we can come together again.⁣

Learning to breathe easy in this knowing.⁣

Learning not to force manifestations to happen.⁣

Learning to serve you in the capacity of love and gratitude;⁣

In the grace of Source and Tea Spirit.⁣

Learning to smile in the knowing that though I do not see you again anytime soon,⁣

You and I coexist in a parallel Universe ⁣

And with every bowl of Tea I take my heart is connected with yours⁣

In this ever growing weave of the mandala of love. 🧡⁣

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