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How To Stop Your Inner Critic & Self-Sabotage

♍ Oh Virgo season. You are definitely swinging in with a bang. I am critically picking myself apart at the moment of writing and feeling the intensity of all the vagaries of life come right up to the surface.⁣

You know that feeling like everything to which you have been holding on so tightly, so ardently, so passionately, is setting adrift despite your best intentions?⁣

I do not know what caused this feeling to arise, but I do know my fingers are coming away from this tight grip, thoughts like what does it matter anyway falling onerous on me. ⁣

Sitting with Spirit today with Tea I keep hearing,⁣

☯️ Own your power. ☯️⁣

💫 Be the star of your own show.⁣

🍃 Walk with your head held high in the knowing that you are supported, you are magnetic, you are sending out so much light that is needed now on this earth.⁣

🌊 Look back at how far you have come, how much you have achieved. And see the vision and feel the achievements now even before you realise them. ⁣

⚡ Flip the switch. Change your narrative. And see how the Universe is always working behind the scenes to make it happen for you. ⁣


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