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How To Overcome Fear of Rejection: Tea Ceremony Meditation

♤ H A R M O N Y ♤

I thought of all the Tea brothers and sisters around the world;

I thought of these Tea leaves, which whispers of lofty terroir and floating clouds.

I thought of the Universe flowing through me, in orbits up my spine and into my heart.

I thought of our shy circling ways around each other in this virtual galaxy;

I stop short of turning away, but then –

I thought of the fellowships forged through the bravery to reach out.

A few words, a smile and some warm Tea – that is really all there is.

We would never know the unseen oceans of people if we never set sail into the blue starless horizon. We would never meet the solitary star in the sky, if we never tip our heads up, and open our eyes and hearts to boundlessness. ☮

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