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How To Embody Your Highest Self

When someone is triggered, it is always because there is something they need to confront inside of them that they have not done so yet.⁣

They are projecting their stories on you. You must understand that it is not your story so please do not take that on.⁣

Make decisions based on where you want to be, not where you are.⁣

🐚 Visualisation is one of the ways that have helped me and many beings stuck in a situation of relapses and recovery ennui.⁣

You are undoubtedly intelligent and smart beings who totally understand how it works. You get it here in the mind Palace. ⁣

But without fully taking it to the body you will remain just there - in the mind.⁣

And so we must embody that vision. We feel into the vortex. We dive right in by engaging all senses. As my own Cha Dao master loves to remind us: "To know Tea you must first drink Tea!"⁣

Aside from embodiment, which can truly uplevel your visualisation by truly feeling that you already are, I guide you to also stay present at the same time through the practices that I have learnt and have worked in sustaining my full recovery and propelling me to a place where I no longer feel inadequate. ⁣

I am now aware of these thoughts and emotions when they come, but I know I am always led by a divinely guided experience so anything that comes into my experience is there to help me grow and align my self with my soul. ⁣

💫 Your disordered eating is a gift - in fact, it is a sign fired into the sky to show that there is something deeper running underneath that needs to be addressed. It is not happening because you are broken, neither is it an impediment or illness.⁣

It was born out of a need to cope, and yes, it has protected and given you a mode for survival to an extent. It is easier to focus on being fat - when losing weight is all about the masculine gestures of metrics and control in terms of the number on the scale or calorie count - rather than on what trauma that needs to be held and witnessed and healed from non-judgement and unconditional acceptance and love.⁣

Sounds scary? ⁣

That's how the coping mechanism is birthed from the subconscious mind. You are operational as a human being. You are surviving. ⁣⁣


♥️ But my love, survival is not living in your full potential. You can live fully integrated so you are no longer fearful; you are no longer desperately seeking for external approvals; and you won't hide any longer and lose yourself in the broken shards of other people's lens and stories! ⁣⁣


🌑 As the false self falls away, you see your authentic self. As you embody all of you you come to an undercurrent of constant peace and love for your self and all of life, non-judgement and harmony.⁣ 🙏🏻⁣


I felt called to spend the past few months putting together this free training in which I pour my heart out and show you how you can break the cycle of restrictive eating and make peace with your body for good. 🥰❤⁣

You can register for free here now through link in bio or:⁣

See you inside.⁣

Warmest Love,⁣

LiYing 💗

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