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How Can We Take Care Of Nature?

How can we take care of nature when we do not even take care of our own natural garden - our own sweet body?⁣

How can we ascend when we do not even acknowledge all, and I mean, all of us? The darkness, the shadows, the light, the fire, the snowstorms and the very beating heart and breath that stokes the life in us as we draw each single inhale and exhale at every second after? ⁣

How can we, when we do not even see the beauty, the amazing beautiful body, the incredible workings of our mind, the purpose of our soul, and the God given grace of our spirit, the limitless frequency of love that our heart can emanate? ⁣


Website is updated with changes to reflect a more private way of offering my services.⁣

🧙‍♀️ I am holding space for private Tea Ceremonies ⁣

〰️ 1-to-1 apprenticeship and mentorship for freedom from deep unsettling insecurity, anxiety and perfectionism ⁣

〰️ beginner's course on Cha Dao ⁣

〰️ spiritual healing work for body freedom. ⁣

🪶 Links in my bio, or dm me to find out more.

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