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From A Recovered Perfectionist

Who's a perfectionist here? 🙋🏻‍♀️⁣

It's been a lifelong coping mechanism for me, and out of the many things that have manifested out of this, was a 10-year long struggle with eating disorders. ⁣

Swinging from anorexia to BED to orthorexia and then going through the rigmarole all over again, every time I begin to look back on the place from which I came to be here today, I see perfectionism and high achiever written all over it. ⁣

Heartbreak and the need to be loved also contributed to my relapses. The deeply entrenched belief that if I was not (cue all adjectives imaginable) enough, I did not deserve to be loved or exist. ⁣

Even the road to recovery was filled with do-or-die moments. ⁣

I am finally in a place of heart-centred tranquillity, not because I found some meal plan. ⁣

I am here because I see now how disconnected I was from my body, how the way I had held onto some egoic perfection had completely entrapped me in my mind.⁣

The mind is not evil. ⁣

But as with yin and yang, nothing is separate. Mind, spirit and body all lead to the seat of our very own soul. When we begin to shift our awareness we can begin to heal and - more than just heal, I promise you, you will take the hand of the Universe and see this experience as a gift, not a predicament. ⁣

Get your free guide on how to break the cycle. In this free guide, I share with you...⁣

🤍 Ways that have helped me break the evil cycle and make peace with food and my body⁣

🤍 Reasons why it is so hard to break out of the cycle ⁣

🤍 And what conventional therapy won't tell you⁣

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