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Five Elements of Life: Tea Medicine By Global Tea Hut's Wu De

As I turn my eyes and heart to the luminous pages of Wu De' @globalteahut Tea Medicine, these words struck me as more relevant than ever: "Tea combines the basic elements of life – Heat, water and leaves – In a way that stills our hearts, circulates our energy and harmonises us with our Source. Enough of that and we begin to live in harmony with our true nature. This heals us individually, and then by extension our societies and species. When we are healthy and awake, the world will sing through us, and all our consciousness and creative power will then serve the aims of the whole. Tea can help us remember to live and create in harmony with the world's desires, which at the deepest level are also our own, if we but awaken and look clearly." 🍃 "Medicine is anything that puts us in harmony with our Highest Self and all life on this Earth." 🍃 May we hold space for compassion and always choose kindness in whatever situation in which we find ourselves; may we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, like the mandala these tea bowls create in the tea ceremony, and always remember that we are all one and individualistic, and that is every reason for understanding, peace, harmony and love. 🕊

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