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Find The Mountain In You

This mystical land⁣⁣

To which I cross over through a floor length mirror on an empty theatre stage⁣⁣

Is a garden of the sacred space of my soul.⁣⁣

How the light falls on the plane of your cheek⁣

Just so;⁣⁣

Where daylight comes in sparkling stars.⁣⁣

Everything passes through the gaps between the fingers⁣⁣

Dew drops slipping off the petals of a lotus flower.⁣⁣

Transient as the clouds.⁣⁣

This is where I meet Source.⁣⁣

She has awakened through the medium of Tea.⁣⁣

My heart hears the call of the wild⁣⁣

Through these leaves that have listened for thousands of years to the calls of the heart.⁣⁣

You see⁣⁣

The enjoyments of life does not run far from the sorrows of the heart.⁣⁣

Neither does the joy of love.⁣⁣

Oh human heart, how fragile⁣⁣

How old and young you are at the same time.⁣⁣

I cannot touch beyond the surface of this heart⁣⁣

And yet I can feel I can hold you until the break of dawn⁣⁣

When light will flood through again⁣⁣

Like stars showering down upon us⁣⁣

When the ring of stars shall crown you with the wisdom of the Sacred Dove once again⁣⁣

In this life and the next⁣⁣

Forever more.⁣⁣


Indeed, everything seems to be coming full circle for me as lately more than ever I am beginning to really embody this non-separation, of bridging heaven and earth, for fully understanding how our body is an anchor for our spirit and is just as beautiful. ⁣

To be able to have glimpses of times when I can be standing at heaven's gates but also come back down to earth and live this beautiful human experience is such a gift.⁣

Because you are unique. When you are present to the stillness within you, you CAN live a life that is free. You CAN know how to take care of yourself so you can act from a meaningful place, in the purest way, to the world. ⁣

Join the virtual Mountain Retreat ⛰ ⁣

~ 21-day guide to create a sacred space wherever you are ⁣

~ 3 living Tea chosen to activate what Chinese Medicine calls the Three Treasures: shen, qi and jing⁣

~ a sacred space creation gift set that includes mala beads, palo Santo and creative soul deck to deepen your connection to the Dao.⁣

🍃 link in bio to sign up by January 16 to ensure your kit arrives in time 🍃

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