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Eckhart Tolle's Words & Tea

"You don't have to live out of conclusions, only out of presence."


Close your eyes. Feel deep into your heart. What do you see behind those closed eyelids?

Feel your sacral chakra melt into the ground beneath you. Feel your breath coming through your nostrils. Now place your hands by each other, creating space between those palms. Feel the energy.

Can you feel it?

Now cradle your heart with those hands. Feel the force field of love expand with every beat of your pulse. Isn't this magical? Rest your tired eyes, your exhausted mind. Rest well my dear, forget going somewhere, for you are already where you are meant to be. There is no wanting when you are feeling like you have it already. Can you feel it?

🌿 Thank you Tea Spirit, for your transmissions. Time and time again when I get lost in a quiet frustration, I am reminded to let go. To cherish all my gifts in life. Take nothing for granted. I surrender to you, Universe, through this empty vessel. I surrender to your grace and wisdom.

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