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Do Not Give Up

Dear one,⁣

I know it feels scary when you eat "off limits" food.⁣

I know how thoughts like "How much is too much?", "When do I stop?" can drift innocuously into your mind and become larger than life.⁣

FATPHOBIA: You want to recover but you're afraid that you will put on so much weight and can't stop eating to the point of becoming unhealthy. ⁣

You have good intentions and you know what needs to be done, going for therapy, seeing your dietitian... but because you don't know what you don't know, you can't seem to move forward and still find yourself triggered left, right, centre.⁣

It is frustrating, I know. ⁣

LACK OF EMOTIONAL CAPACITY: the intense feeling of emptiness and hate for your body are related and can feel very real in the moment while you are in it, but I am here to tell you that it is absolutely reversible. I am here to show you how to break free and break out of that constricting box.⁣

WASTE OF TIME: saving memes and reading up about all the relevant social media hashtags are all keeping you stuck in the intellectual level but never progressing any further.⁣

LIMITED INFORMATION: You are still drawing conclusions and food policing based on your old limiting beliefs and are still finding yourself triggered despite all your best intentions to get better. ⁣

If you're trying to break the cycle of restrictive eating and nothing seems to stick, you might need a real look at what you're doing and get help with what actually works. I'd love to help you get on track and...⁣

♥️ Eat delicious food with no guilt ⁣⁣


♥️ No more counting calories ⁣⁣


♥️ No more excessive exercise afterwards⁣⁣


♥️ Higher mental capacity and energy ⁣⁣


♥️ Say goodbye to the constricting diet mentality for good⁣⁣


♥️ No more obsessing over what others would think about you⁣⁣


♥️ Reconnect to your highest self-worth⁣⁣


I invite you to book in for a free discovery call with me to discover the best ways in which we can overcome your challenges together ❤⁣

🔗 ⁣

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