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Death By A Thousand Cuts

I have died many times before, and yet, every time it happens, I still feel the shock and pain of it.⁣ Human memories, cellular and cosmic, all coming in one swift light. ⁣ I died on Friday May 13. ⁣ I died on the day of the Goddess. ⁣ I died a death of a thousand cuts.⁣ One after another they came.⁣ No mercy.⁣ This time I knew. I had waited for them to come for me.⁣ And when they came, they hurt anyway.⁣ They cut me down. ⁣ They broke my heart.⁣ They stabbed me like they had stabbed me a thousand years ago, so long ago but so deep I still feel it after so many lifetimes later.⁣ I died to be reborn.⁣ And reborn, I have.⁣ I am a Goddess. ⁣ I am a witch.⁣ I am a star child. ⁣ I remember.⁣ The fall of a water planet.⁣ Survivor blood courses through my veins.⁣ I landed here on Earth and cha~cha~cha ⁣were the first thing I heard. Leaves singing and clapping for me in the wind⁣ As droplets of rain fell onto my parched lips and woke me up.⁣ Opening my eyes I saw those leaves, the wide majestic canopy glinting emerald above me.⁣ And then I learnt.⁣ Shape-shifting.⁣ Heart medicine served in bowls across centuries.⁣ My endless soul always comes back to Her Spirit.⁣ I move with the wind.⁣ I whisper to the darkness.⁣ I listen to the rain.⁣ I speak to the moon.⁣ The Dark Goddess takes it all down and alchemises me into everything that I have forgotten to be.⁣ Burn. Blue still flames, they burn.⁣ And as I burn, I disintegrate. ⁣ As ashes, I rise again, nurturing Mother Earth, opening up the strength to root and rise once again.⁣ When one door closes, another opens.⁣ Nothing is wasted when you have acted with love. ⁣ Always. ⁣

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