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Cultivation Of The I Don't Know Mind With Tea

"People believe that he's a mountain and he knows, his deeper reality is that he is the Valley... and that's also the essence of who you are." ~ Eckhart Tolle⁣


I have been steeping in our workshop from the Cha Dao Circle, thinking about how blessed we are in this circle for we all come with the Beginner's Mind every time we come together. ⁣

As you all probably know by now, I have no qualms about admitting out loud that "I don't know".⁣

There are so many doctrines and rules and guides out there in our lives, including in religion, diets, all the dogmas in therapy methods etc, and what I have come to realise is there is no rightness or wrongness in believing one. If veganism and Cha Dao have taught me anything it is that the last thing you want to do is to push the beliefs on someone else.⁣

In the same way, the Dao itself is a Way you have to choose to walk. Introducing the Five Passages (or more popularly known as Five Elements) this week in week three of our journey is a wonderful way to remember that...⁣

"The Dao belongs neither to knowing nor not knowing. Knowing is false understanding; not knowing is blind ignorance. If you really understand the Dao beyond doubt, it's like the empty sky. Why drag in right and wrong?" ~ Alan Watts⁣

We may have previously conceived ideas of Tea, our body constitutions amongst various other things. We may even believe our star charts have written our story lines. There is no wrong in this, until these become the trappings in life that is leading to suffering. This is the same with the egoic mind. The ego helps drive civilisations forward. But when our mind is trapped within it will become the destruction of us.⁣






Thoughts from this morning I wanted so to share with my Cha Dao Circle and thought it might also resonate with you all. Or perhaps not knowing at all...⁣

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