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Creative Expression To Unveiling Your Divine Self


Are we creating art when there is no one to see?⁣

Are we artists, poets, writers... when there is no one to witness?⁣

The great irony here is that such an integration of creative expression is essential and intrinsic for anybody, even if you do not brand yourself as an artistic or creative person.⁣

Osho would say, a mystic creates. He creates his own being. ⁣

Creative expression is essential to being, and creativity is in harmony with what is our true nature. We are creations of God, and we are creators of our divine destiny. We have merely lost our way, but all we need to do is surrender to allow the flow to come through, to step out of the way for the masterpiece to unveil itself. ⁣

Play can be incredibly inspiring. It draws out dormant senses and sensations; it brings us back to a time when we can feel the child-like sense of wonder, and through that, doors of creativity will throw wide open for us to walk through. ⁣

A chaxi is exactly the place to start. How can we make Tea the main star of the show but still create a beautiful space where love and reverence can flow without hindrance?⁣

How can we embrace our roles as the forever student of the Leaf with the no-mind to come together in a mandala of love to open hearts, open minds? 🍃🕊⁣


You are so welcome to join us in the next 3-week Chaxi of Spring: The Dewy Path In A Bowl · beginning February 27. ⁣

As with the saying by Rikyu, "Imagine your life without tea and if it is any different, you have yet to understand tea."⁣

Cha Dao and Zen is a true cultivation of an art of living that bridge the sacred and mundane seamlessly.⁣

Through lessons of setting your own Tea stage, you also learn to send ripples of the process throughout your everyday life.⁣

🦋 How to live a wabi sabi life⁣

Through honouring Tea as the main starring role of the ceremony, learn to show up in Your Highest Expression ⁣

How to tap into the Feminine aspect of play fearlessly⁣

Showing up with reverence for Tea is like showing up⁣

For the Divine, for your Self⁣ 🦋🤍🦋

Link in bio. Most exciting time to shed the old and reveal your divinity 🌟

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