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Connection With Our Higher Self

"We have fallen from the  deep knowing of interconnectivity with our inner wisdom, the cosmos and each other. We need to learn discernment. A teacher is only there to reflect what you already know deep within." ~ @gigi_young

When we go through the death of an ego, we go through a dark night of the soul that may seem incredibly dark and difficult, but what is really happening during this process of questioning your existence and everything else you have previously believed to be "true", is a deep cleansing and purification from within. Alchemy is happening and it is simply so beautiful to see. ⁣

Shaving the hair and leaving the hair to grow out in flowing long mane are both sacred traditions used in Chinese and Indian cultures respectively to connect and be closer to God. Paradoxes exist and this is why in Zen, non-beliefs is at the heart of its many non teachings. In the end, Intention is at the centre of everything.⁣


🔯 MANDALA ➰ THE PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP 〰️ limited spaces available for a committed practice and guidance to manifesting a beautiful life through establishing a spiritual connection with Tea. Five spots are open now. Link in my bio to apply. ⁣

🕊〰️ JOURNEY ON CHA DAO ° POETRY, PRESENCE AND CONNECTION CIRCLE 〰️ doors are now open · a seven-week journey that takes place in the virtual space so you can be in any part of the world and still join in on this beautiful journey ⁣inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · ⁣⁣🍃 DM me to get an early bird code by January 13. Registration closes January 31. Begins February 14, 2021. Link in bio to join the Circle.  ⁣⁣⁣

🌊 A Space To Be Free 〰️ a 6-month Journey for beings seeking to be free from body image issues and support and accountability in maintaining a lifelong full disordered eating recovery through holistic rituals and intuitive practices. Ready to break the cycle for good with a healthy start to 2021? Link in bio.⁣

➰ not ready for a full journey? book in for a private Tea Ceremony for a discovery experience, or join me on one of my virtual Tea Ceremonies. Links are also in my bio. ⁣


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