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Can You See Tea For What She Is?

Can you see Tea for what She is?⁣

Not to assess if She could maintain your health⁣

Not to justify having Her because she has some kind of benefits to your mind.⁣

But for Her very first line in the story of Tea.⁣

A tree in the mountains⁣

Each leaf carrying the whole essence of the tree and surroundings.⁣

This silent space, this vast expanse of flourishing trees lives on and brings all aspects of us into harmony⁣

And we remember.⁣

We hear the whispers of Tea stir within us⁣

Tea the great connector.⁣

Tea the patient translator who communes without words.⁣

We remember.⁣

We return to that centre of stillness.⁣


Leaves in a bowl. A remembering.⁣

Deep bow of gratitude to @globalteahut for setting me on Cha Dao.⁣


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