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Becoming Present: Meditation With Tea As The Way of Life

° one chance, one encounter °

As our teacher Wu De wrote, "This moment is unique and perfect, and nothing need be added or taken away from it. We need only meet it, remembering to be fully alive and present to its grace. In that way, any sense of lack in us is fulfilled. We are complete, whole and healthy, and we don't miss our one chance", in his book The Way of Tea, this practice transcends beyond the Tea leaf. It is a way of life that flows naturally with the Universe; a magical connection that stays connected even when we walk out of that meditation session. As a student of the Leaf I continue to be humbled by Her teachings, and to be so ever grateful for Her touch in everything I do now in life.


I will be back this Sunday for an #instagramlive and Facebook Live at 1pm GMT. Please join me for six bowls of Tea on this #byot session. I hope you can feel into the Tea Spirit's presence and turn inward, even for a mere 40 minutes on that day. For more Live sits together, you can take a look at the #linkinbio. Love and light to all of you Tea Unicorns. 💛🙏

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