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Be Blessed, Be Seen, Be Witnessed

I give to the world with all that I have

I listen to the world with all that I am

This prayer position of your hands

Is simply too beautiful to behold

I cannot comprehend many things

But in this moment

I can comprehend you

I can see you

Wholly and completely

What God-given grace is this

To love and love even more

Touch the crown of my head so I can feel your blessings

Be blessed

Be seen

Be witnessed

Take this vow to learn and unlearn and learn again

This is how love inculcates in this heart.

In every petal

Every leaf

Hate, resentment and anger dissolve into nothingness.

Gaté, gaté, paragaté Parasamgaté Bodhi svaha 〰️ 🤍🕊


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Warmest Love,

LiYing 🎋

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