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Autumn Equinox Mandala Of Love

Earth. Metal. Wood. Fire. Water. ⛰⛩🌊🔥🌳


Calling my brothers and sisters to come together in the spirit of giving thanks to Mother Gaia this Saturday, September 19, at 2pm BST (9pm MYT) to come and weave a mandala of love in gratitude for abundance and to bid Autumn hello and summer goodbye with nature in a bowl - Tea leaves alchemised by these human hands, brewed with hot water, and held in ceramic vessels. ⁣

We shall sit in reverent silence for Tea with an altar or mandala of your own making - a mandala created with found objects, crystals and minerals, as well as elements of nature will be the ensho that flourishes around us as we steep in Tea Spirit. At the end of the ceremony we shall honour the Divine with our presence - beings at one with Nature. An ensho is a circle that never ends, a symbol of life's impermanence and wabi sabi. ⁣


· I am so excited for this 💫. Please join me if it calls to you. Link in my bio to get your tickets ·

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