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Are You Still Asking For Permission?

Who is this inner child who is still seeking for permission to eat -to live, to take up space, to breathe, to exist?⁣

Breathe now, dear⁣


Break away from the chains of your own doing.⁣

"Am I really here?"⁣

So much of your existence and solid form is based on other people's validation.⁣

Choose to see how this shackles you.⁣

Choose to wake up to these shackles that have locked you into a box of fear and doubt.⁣

When you become present to the now, you stay within your body.⁣

You begin to generate magnetic energy. ⁣

You begin to come to life again ⁣

With playfulness⁣

With love⁣

With joy⁣

With adoration of this simple feeling of being able to move and breathe and live as a multudimensional human being on the infinite Dao.⁣

When you see this all boils down to making your own choice, you can make the choice again. You can always choose again ⁣

To break free⁣

To say this is it.⁣

To decide you want to start living now⁣

To take the hand of the Universe and step through the portal of your awakening⁣

To own this body that has always been the wholeness for which you have been seeking.⁣

The home for your spirit.⁣


Want to learn more about forging the spiritual connection between spirit and body ✨ ? DM me. I'd love it if you do. Come chat.

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