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Are You Asking For Permission To Exist?

Are you asking for permission?⁣

What are you asking permission for?⁣

When you have a gut feeling that a behaviour is not serving your highest good, and yet you're still doing it, there is something in it for you that is keeping you stuck at that frequency. ⁣

I used to ask for permission for everything that I did in my life.⁣

Now, with heightened awareness I can see that I do that because, as wrong as it sounds, I could lay the blame on someone else when it falls apart or didn't work out.⁣

I could play the victim and perpetuate the story by retelling it up to a point where I actually believed it to be true.⁣

And this is something I see so common in so many of the women who come to work with me.⁣

The truth is, when there is a story that victimises us, we can never be in a position of power over our own life because we are constantly giving our power over to someone/something else.⁣

I sure as hell don't want to be on my death bed breathing last words of, "I wish I had stopped asking for permission to live."⁣

Women who give their food choices over to calorie trackers and diet culture. ⁣

Women who give their bodies over to self-flagellating behaviours such as restrictive eating and overexercising. ⁣

All of which cut you off from your innate intuition. ⁣

The truth is, we are creators, born alchemists. Carving out our own life is our birth right.⁣

You never needed any permission to run your life whatever way you want, to show up however way you really are.⁣

In fact, when you do show up in your truest nature, you are no longer expending energy on merely surviving life and trying to fit in and perform - you are truly emanating the most authentic vibration and embodying your highest self. ⁣

You CAN feel fully that you no longer care for the reactions and opinions of others about you.⁣

You CAN feel how truly freeing it is to take back complete control of your life from the mental chatter that goes on inside of your head.⁣

This is all available to you, and it can happen for you with record ease, in record time. Right here. Right now.⁣

Let us all never feel shy or embarrassed to reach out for help.⁣



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