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Are The Richest People Also The Happiest People?

The richest people are not necessarily also the healthiest or happiest people.⁣

This was something that came up at the teahouse this week, and it really got me pondering about humans, and our general sense of myopia. ⁣

Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely sure that we all do what we can within our capacity and our own circle of understanding and knowledge. It is the way that we unconsciously allow our subconscious imprint to run our lives and perhaps, to our detriment, about which I really want to invite you to ponder with me.⁣

Here is a snapshot of an example to give you some context:⁣

A very wealthy man comes to the teahouse to try the excellent, clean tea. He exalts its taste, aroma and quality. He sits there every day receiving this excellent tea without ever having to pay for it. There was no pressure for this offering to be reciprocal either. ⁣

One day out of hale and good mood, he offers to buy a bag of tea so that he could treat some of his friends too. When the price was quoted to him, his eyes almost fell out of his skull.⁣

"What?! You mean these leaves cost xxx??? How ridiculous!"⁣


This story breaks my heart because it magnifies the manner in which we humans can operate. We do not love ourselves enough to feed our bodies good food, to feed our minds good information, to nourish our souls with good moments of silence. We are carrying ancestral wounds through and through, but if we can take the time to awaken to our senses and turn inward so our hearts can open up to receive, we will be able to see that nothing ever makes us happy until we can truly love ourselves. When we do we connect back to nature, nature that is us anyway, and understand the basic foundations of the Dao - impermanence and the vast flow of the unknown lend their saving grace to what we call life.⁣


Plant medicine is heart medicine when we remember how they come to us - Ancient wisdoms from the earth and sky above; alchemy with human hands; heart poured into the transformation, the memories that dance upon the steam rising from this bowl, this cup. ⁣

So please. Consider this. Ponder this over. You only have one life to live. Live it like the spiritual being that you really are. At One with Love, never separate from the great cosmos around us.⁣

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