A Private Affair: Tea Ceremonies Made For You

Did you know that you could book in for a private one-to-one Tea Ceremony with me?⁣ 🌊💫💙

Participating in a Tea ceremony is beneficial for you if...⁣

※ You are ready to stop the narrative that doesn't allow you to be the star of your show⁣

※ You would like to deepen your intuition, compassion and open your heart and mind ⁣

※ You desire to awaken to abundance and fullness of life⁣

※ You want to be able to mindfully observe your thoughts and cure obsessive thinking for good⁣

※ You want to taste clean, "living" Tea leaves that are honoured for their diversity in the environment in which they flourish, biochemical and fertiliser-free, and cultivated in a clean environment with love from the respective farmers. These leaves bridge Heaven and Earth to sharpen our minds while at the same time, awakening our hearts.⁣

Distance offering: When you book in for a private ceremony, you can opt to receive a package of "living" Tea so we will be drinking the same Tea as we connect through the virtual space. This Tea package will also come with a special, lovingly sourced crystal picked for you, cleansed and blessed with love and light. ⁣