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A chaxi · 茶席 · is a stage in which Tea is the star.

Cha Dao · 茶道 · Curious eyes would brush it off as: "It is just Tea drinking"...

Perhaps so, and yet, not all just about drinking Tea. 😉

📿 A chaxi · 茶席 · is a stage in which Tea is the star. 🌟⁣ 🌕 It is a place where we connect with the energy of the cosmos. A place where we connect with the great mandala of love in which we sit as we share Tea together in this present moment. ⁣ 🌌 But more than that, it is connecting us to a greater mandala that weaves together past and future with the present. ⁣ 🌠 We feel into the vortex of those who will drink Tea and connect to the heart field like this; and we also connect with the ancestors and predecessors who drank Tea before us, like this.⁣ 🍃 The chaxi changes constantly just as the Universe does; a constant flux that also reflects the change that happens within our bodies, our hearts, our minds.⁣ 🌊 The chaxi also reminds me to constantly empty out to be filled up again with something even beyond my protective ego could plan or foresee. ⁣ 🕯 The chaxi reminds me that when I hold space, I am Divine Incarnate, and that if I let myself go completely into Dao, I can become a vessel of wholeness bringing down into my body the mysterious limitless energy of the cosmos, ringing out the messages of God as clear as a bell.⁣ 🕊🍃🎋⁣ Last time I did a retreat with Chaxi as the central focus, I loved seeing all the amazing setups with which my students came up. ⁣ 💗 I would love to see yours. ⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️ Tag me and I would love to pop in to your Tea space virtually. ⁣

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