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A chajin who lives beauty

Piece by piece they are jettisoned ⁣

Like shards from a spiralling aeroplane flying out of its silver bullet body ⁣

This identity that was built upon fashion's construction ⁣

I wonder now how girls would turn out if society had not imposed these doctrines on what to wear and how to speak.⁣

I remember when I was an intern I was told to wear pinstripe jackets and buttoned down shirts so I could be taken seriously ⁣

And that "it is the way it is".⁣

And then I knew that was never going to be me ⁣

So I burst out in colours ⁣

And embraced fashion's idiosyncrasies.⁣

I used to call the industry affectionately a bunch of misfits.⁣

We didn't use to fit in but now we have turned that awkwardness into gold.⁣

But what was supposed to be freedom⁣

Soon turned to shackles⁣

In the form of towering impossible heels and judgemental eyes for names and fame.⁣

I don't think I ever got to that point of no return.⁣

But I certainly have moved and changed and spiralled into another dimension since.⁣

This morning I felt the end of this renunciation. ⁣

I am embracing that past ⁣

That girl who found joy in fashion, in materialism, in beauty, in luxury, in fine things.⁣

Because in the end, all that we exalted in that sphere are also a form of celebration of the flaws within (think mercurial photographers, anorexics, bulimic, all the disorders that came with our sometimes fatal love and infatuation for beauty).⁣

Here with Cha Dao, we are celebrating flaws and imperfections too, only on a different plane, in a different form.⁣

Like waves in an ocean, we are all individuals ⁣

And yet One of this Oneness.⁣


A chajin who lives beauty.⁣


Womxn and gxrls, if you feel suppressed and disabled from self-expressions of any sort, I want you to know that you can rise, like a Phoenix you can rise. Awaken to love through the heartbreaks and losses. Awaken to the Goddess that is YOU through the many spiritual breakthroughs. Face down those feelings of dis-ease and do not ignore them. Rather, face them with love and tenderness with all of your own heart, and never ever forget that you are a whole being, exactly where you should be. 💫

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