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OF 2022

Get to know your Self.
3pm GMT
📌 An intimate circle live on Zoom & inside The Siren Goddess Collective ✨ ⁣ 

(convert to your time zone here .)

Fret not if you can't make it live - a recording will be available in The Siren Goddess Collective for your own sacred viewing.

Get to know your Self.
The Mystery of You.

"Who am I?" is a question that has been asked by human beings from the dawn of time.

For the woman who knows there are layers of complexity when it comes to energetics...
Who desire to peel back her stories and master her emotions...
So that she can fully embody her cosmic magnificence...
Here in this lifetime...
To create the most beautiful life she is born to have...

The transmission to turn up your light, activate your dreams, and live ON PURPOSE in your AUTHENTIC POWER and fully aligned with abundance, joy and freedom is only available for participants only. 

Sign up now. FREE for a limited time only.

From LiYing's own words…

My name is LiYing. I am a Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) Ceremonial Keeper and Sacred Transformation Mentor who helps light the Way for spiritual creative female leaders to live on purpose in their own authentic power through cultivation and embodiment of their vortex of stillness.


My work encompasses self-leadership, embodiment practices, Daoist ancestral wisdom, bioenergetic healing and communing with Tea Spirit to embody stillness and higher states of consciousness, remembering the eternal presence through Tea medicine.


I am devoted to this incredible body of work that continues to blow my own energy circuits. As a Cha Dao Ceremonial Keeper, I work with Tea as a medicine and spirit alongside alchemical wisdom to guide spiritual creative leaders to access and embody their own vortex of stillness to co-create the most divine life with the Dao.⁣

Everything I do is exquisitely designed for this potent alchemical work ~ weaving together the power of ancestral wisdom that infuses ancient rites of Ceremony, The Way of Tea as medicine and Spirit, bioenergetics for integrated mind-body-spirit work, and alchemical healing, what a woman experiences in my container truly goes beyond verbal transmissions, and we go lightyears into deep inner work. ⁣

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