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Authenticity. Magnificence. Power.

Are you ready to get into the rooms where you are absolutely supported in the dream life you'd like to create?

Are you leaning in with trust to get into the work of untangling from your fear-based mind?


Be the mirror of the Universe and the world becomes a reflection of your true cosmic magnificence - embody the understanding that what we can fear is merely a part of the uplevel.

It isn't about hiring the perfect mentor.


It is about hiring the mentor who is willing to do whatever it takes to be devoted to honing her craft.

In mirroring this, it isn't about becoming the perfect mentor.

It is about becoming the mentor who is willing to do whatever it takes to be devoted to honing her craft.

If you as a mentor, healer, teacher, are not invested in your creation, craft and artistry... your evolution is always going to be stunted.

The kind of client/student/lover/person you are reflects a lot in the people you attract into your world.

There are trillions of modalities and these bifurcated time-lines we desire to be, or not to be... and the devotion we have towards our involution works in tandem with the commitment we promise to make towards sharing our sacred work for the highest good.

Highest good includes YOU and your people, not either-or.

I don't know any amazing mentors who are doing it alone. They have a team of people who support them to be on their greatest level of service.

Just contemplate this for a second - would you hire a mentor who is inwardly frustrated and victimised by her circumstances, and continues to complain about this to her clients?

Would you hire someone who is really good at what they do but is completely unwilling to see how much they have accomplished and goes by an exhausting chasing energy?

This might be a super unpopular opinion but I say this because I have been there myself.

Yes it takes courage to own up to these things if they are happening in your life now.

Yes it also means you can transmute them into purpose because you can absolutely claim back ownership of your creatrixship anytime you want!

Enough of the faking it.

Enough of the sloughing through it.

Enough of the fighting to the top.

We are here to be amplified as the mirror of our reality.

In our I AM power, we stay empowered, even through the darkest storms.

It is not ever about looking away from our pain and frustration.

It is about alchemising them into your purpose because it is all there is - pain, fear, anger, judgement... the list goes on... they are all feedback on this thing called life.

If you're ready to bend time and space...

And be of the highest level of service...

At the same time come into the empowering space of owning your authentic power, activating leadership rooted in love and empowering others to rise and embody the vortex of stillness...

I have something for you.

For the multidimensional leader in you...
who are committed to self-leadership and becoming truly embodied in the vortex of stillness so you can live on purpose and share your vision with authentic power...
You will be utterly uplevelled beyond your wildest imagination inside...
  • Weekly immersive masterclasses interspersed with Tea Ceremonies to learn how to master your evolution and healing by changing how you process information and learn to create and lead your own life (10 modules of immersion LIVE in total over the span of this programme!)

  • Sacred space to incubate and integrate, to drop in deeper and be with the most expansive community of mystical multidimensional leaders ever.

  • Access to all replays until the next round of AMpowerment opens again.

** If you are already in my At Mystery's Gate mentorship, good news: this masterclass is already included!

PAY IN FULL: £3,333

BONUS: 1 x 1:1 integration call with LiYing + Sacred Gift Set 


£1889 upfront + £1889 on the subsequent month.

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