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Leading Sacred Way Mentor, Luminous Body Love Activator and Divine Energy Alchemist LiYing Lim presents…


90 days to awaken deep self-love to manifest your most beautiful life and create the health, confidence and relationships you are born to have.

Do you feel like you are being controlled by the critical voice in your mind, telling you to eat less, be prettier, don't speak up, don't be too much, wondering how you’ll ever feel good enough…?

You’ve spent too long hating your body and the way you look - leaving you lost and alienated, as if you somehow don’t belong.
You feel disconnected from your true self. 

You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others. 

It’s a struggle just liking yourself, let alone loving yourself.

You’re craving a deeper connection with yourself and others, but you feel trapped in comparisonitis, not enoughness and keeping up with the perfection demands from yourself and others.

The craving of what you’re missing comes out as binge eating, not speaking up with work colleagues and friends; and not expressing clear boundaries with your partner about what you need…

You still think you need to be fixed to finally be or do something you've always dreamt of.

From one treatment to another spiritual guru, it was working for a while and then... it falls flat. You're back at square one.

You find yourself disowning your sensitive nature, not realising the gifts that this brings, instead dimming your light to fit in and crashing under the weight and pressure of needing to have it all supposedly together. 

You feel trapped and undernourished in a life of playing small and meeting unrealistic expectations.

Now if you think that...

Knowing your body is beautiful and loving yourself unconditionally is easier said than done...

The opportunity to radically shift you to that divine embodiment of love, regardless of how you look, is available for you now, precious being. 

And here is the ultimate key in your hands to the biggest secret of the law of attraction: it is not about how to keep attracting things to you to have a beautiful life.

It is about knowing the truth of who you are.

It is time to release your body and soul from the cycle of fight and flight response and allow yourself to metabolise at full speed, brim with radiant energy and live from your authentic truth. 

This is a sacred invitation to shift from self-doubt and fear to unshakeable self-worth.



🌕 Become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman in 90 days. 


🌕 Heal and release shame and embarrassment around your body and shift into the frequency of the Body Of Light and feel at peace and sacred in your own skin. 


🌕 Activate your Self-Love, intuition and trust as you quantum leap your cellular system into a new mode of being.


🌕 Release the 'I am not enough' story and embody the confident, self-assured woman who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving love and living a truly magnificent life of grace and ease. 


🌕 Feel completely at ease and at peace within your mind, body, and spirit as you release old anxieties and fears of not enoughness that have had you trapped for years. 


🌕 Break the cycle of dieting and negative thoughts that are keeping you in a toxic relationship with your body and step into deep gratitude, love, and appreciation for your body on all levels. 


🌕 See and feel yourself radiating perfect health as you release the body hate stories from your cells. 


🌕 Release the obsession of what others think of you and open your heart to divine, nourishing love that will heal your fears and have you feeling fully deserving and safe to give and receive love and abundance. 


🌕 Stop putting others' wants and needs first at the expense of your wellbeing as you shift into a woman who embodies her divine sensitivity and feels safe and confident to take up space and be heard. 


🌕 Accept, embrace, love, and nurture your unique authentic self just as you are.


🌕 Allow the innate wisdom of your body to do its natural healing work.

🕊 If you are ready to radically release the “I am not enough” story and shift into the frequency of a confident, self-assured Goddess 🧝🏻‍♀️💎 who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things great, then I invite you to apply for Siren Goddess, the 90-day immersion to awaken deep divine self-love and become a magnet for health, wealth, and wellbeing as you claim your value and worth as a woman. 👑💖

Join us, Siren Goddess! ✨ 



The Great Goddess is love incarnate.

She is the Siren, imbued with mystery and sensuality. 

The Siren swivels heads with an unwavering confidence and love for all beings. She chooses all beings and encounters on her own terms, never attaching any outcomes to victimhood.

She is a wild woman and is living on her own terms.

She is inexorably attractive - and it isn't all down to her appearance. There is a joie de vivre that she exudes, that people can't help by feel drawn to her.

Her power and hold over people were never forced or put on. It came simply by shining all of her radiant light, all divinely her.

Sadly, over time, because of her impenetrable stillness and inexplicable allure, people began to spin tall tales about her.

Stories that villainised her by turning snakes into evil creatures and painting black her nature as a destroyer of life - as she is also the creator of life.

Myths that portrayed her as a dangerous creature of the wild.

She has been ripped apart - so beautiful but heartless, or so terrifying to look you must turn your gaze away when her eyes bear down on you, a woman who adores herself unapologetically is blasphemy, look at her loving her body, it is shameful…

The Siren Goddess was hence buried under the noise of the patriarchy.

It pains me to see so many women dim their light because they are still stuck in this patriarchal way of thinking, held back simply by sheer embarrassment to show up fully and paralysed by body shame that is not even ours to begin with!

Precious darling, you can break the spell and put an end to it right now.

Take a stand. 

Looking back now, I want to thank that version of me for sticking to the healing journey even though it was often times so painful and lonely.

💗 What changed for me was when I began to embody the version of me that I had wanted to be.

I was sick and tired of being told I was needy and scared of disappointing others and myself.

And the change happened for me at the speed of light. 🌠

Fast forward to the present now, I met the love of my life (who is also now my husband), living my life's purpose helping women awaken divine self-love to create the life, health and relationships they are meant to have.

But here is the point: will you still hold steady and centred when you haven't got these social proofs? Will you forget yourself if you lose all these things you deem worthy?

When you are able to anchor deeply into the root of who you really are as everything continues to stay in flux, anything can disintegrate and fall away, but you still own the essence of your own truth.

That my friend, is true divine transformation. ✨ 

And that is what I am all about. No quick fixes, no behavioural changes.

I stand for the new era of women who stop apologising for showing up fully as their authentic self - which is the divine, beautiful Goddess, uniquely you as you already are.

You can choose to open your heart up to this right now.

Your magnetic magnificent Self is waiting for you, my love, and you will be saying these in no time: ❤

🧜‍♀️ I now feel deeply into the core of my being with so much grace and ease, presence, love and gratitude. ⁣

🕊 I no longer disown any part of me that feels "bad" and shameful.⁣

🙋🏻‍♀️ Every part of me is me.⁣

You are a magnificent creatrix of your own life.

You are deserving of all the sacred abundance that is available for you right now.

You are a powerful potent woman.

You are a divine being with limitless prosperity and love to give and receive.

And you know you don't need to try or do more.⁣

You simply are already changing the world for its highest good! 💗⁣

💃 By accepting all of you, the whole you.⁣

🧜‍♀️ By simply being you, the whole you.⁣

💫 By owning your voice authentically.⁣

♥️ By loving you entirely.⁣

🧳 By willing to put down the story that weighs you down.⁣

🩸 By willing to close up the bleeding wound and stop blaming others.⁣

🤐 By willing to step out of the cordons of fear your mind likes to draw between what feels comfortable and familiar and what is not.⁣

🎐 So know this: your dream life doesn't have to be the be all end all, and life is ever changing so be open to where it leads you! And no, you don't have to work in a job that you hate because it is "life". ⁣

Life is what YOU choose it to be.⁣

The day I chose to stop arguing for my smallness and go for what I truly want, I chose to choose me, forever and always. 🥀⁣

Because let's be real:⁣

What could possibly be worse than "should not"-ing ourselves for our entire life?⁣


Where will you be in 3 years' time if nothing changes?

How much longer are you going to resort to this coping mechanism?

How much longer are you going to say through a gritted smile, "I'm fine, thank you"?

How much longer are you going to live a life of pain and restriction - of real strain and hunger around the clock?


You CAN feel fully that you no longer care for the reactions and opinions of others about you.

You CAN feel how truly freeing it is to take back complete control of your life from the mental chatter that goes on inside of your head.

It all starts from radically releasing the “I am not enough” story and shifting into the frequency of a confident, self-assured Goddess who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things great.

And this time, you get to anchor it in so you become the divine embodiment of your core soulful self. 

This is all available to you, and it can happen for you with record ease, in record time. Right here. Right now.

My signature method:
♥️ with The Way Of Tea we traverse in the quantum field with plant medicine power to find your true unique centre of stillness and activate your inner peace superpower 

♥️ with The 7-step Energy Codes system to anchor in your energy and embody your authentic mind-body-spirit connection 


♥️ with Alchemical Healing and The Sacred Way (healing sounds and spoken poetry, mythology and storytelling) to clear any blocks and limiting beliefs, deep wounds and cosmic karma 


  • 3 x 120-minute live private sessions via Zoom each month. (Session recordings will be available.) Valued at £9000.


  • Half-Day VIP Bespoke Tea Retreat: includes Tea Ceremony, a meal and a Sacred Space Gift Set. Valued at £4000.


  • 3 x 30-minute accountability sessions with me via WhatsApp/Messenger each month. Valued at £15,500.


  • Epic daily support (Mon-Fri) + access to an evergreen e-course. Value: £9997


Value: priceless!!




Total value of PAY IN FULL BONUSES: £17,500




  • Half-Day VIP Bespoke Tea Retreat in a sacred luxury venue: includes Tea Ceremony and a meal. Valued at £8000.


  • 1 x 3 hour VIP immersion in person or online Value: £6000  


  • A sacred bespoke The Sacred Way Activation + Tea Ceremony recording for your lifetime keeping Valued at £3000



  • Works with energy in all five elements to create a sacred, lush transformational container unlike any other conventional therapy


  • Has deep reverence for the natural healing powers that come from awakening the conscious mind and reconciling subconscious shadows


  • Has healed from ten years of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and shame fully 


  • Is a forever student of life who believe in bridging science and spirituality 


  • Teaches from the sacred heart of poetry, presence and connection


  • Has experience in anchoring in the core soulful self through energy healing work


  • Embodies powerful and proven techniques handed down from shamans, Zen monks and Eastern medicinal teachers as well as Western visionary quantum physicist and doctor


  • Owns this special magical formula to help other women heal their relationship with their bodies


  • Seeks to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred mind-body-spirit connection


My name is LiYing, and I have been teaching and mentoring women through my own unique brand of The Sacred Way to feel deep ease and peace within their mind, body, and spirit as they release old anxieties and fears of not enoughness that they have carried for years.


They learn to open their hearts to a divine, nourishing love which will heal their fears and anchor in this new vibrational resonance to fully embody their divine authenticity.


More than any of my credentials, what makes me truly present to you as a mentor and healer is that I have been there. I have had over ten years of struggles with eating disorders including severe anorexia, and have healed fully from days when I was hooked up to IV drips to embodying my whole being fully through some truly powerful and proven techniques handed down to me from mentors, Eastern shamans and Zen monks, and experts in the field of bioenergetic healing, including the renowned Dr Sue Morter.


My teachings bridge spirituality and science with intuition, and are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I now have crafted this special magical formula that weaves together Ceremony, Shamanic Chinese Alchemy, plant and energy medicine, and cosmic rituals to help women heal their relationship with their bodies.


In my highest act of service, I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred mind-body-spirit connection. 




Leading up to and into the tea ceremony I was a human being in distress emotionally and mentally. I had been for a very long time.
To be suuccinct, the tea ceremony with Liying shattered all of the defenses I had used for many years to maintain my version of control over my emotions, mental state and my reality.
My heart and my soul then broke open and entire images of my past, my present and my future were seen by me in and through the tea.

It was and remains one of the most powerful and life altering moments of my forty one years and has dramatically changed my existence in this life for the better.

I have subsuquently participated in two more tea ceremonies with Liying and each time I shed more tears and learn more about my heart, my soul and the truths of who I am in this life.


—  Clay, Edinburgh

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